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The following is a list of common SEO mistakes and tips on how to avoid them

1. Content duplication

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  • Homepage duplication
  • URL duplication

The following methods are some of the best ways to avoid content duplication.

  • Use hyphens and underscores to separate words on the URL such that it does not duplicate another.
  • Merge or delete similar content with similar titles on two separate pages of your website.

2. Not having mobile/tablet-friendly websites

Now, more web browsers use mobile/tablets to browse webpages. Therefore, it is essential that a website has a mobile-friendly version that the users jump to. If this version is not available, people tend to jump to a competitor’s webpage that has a mobile version.

The only way to avoid this mistake would be to make mobile versions of your website, which is not very hard to do.

3. Hiring an SEO who is not experienced and is poor at its work

Business owners often make this mistake, which is the most common and silly of all, just because they did not spend ambient time on research and comparison. This stupid mistake often a lot of time and money.

The only way to avoid this mistake is to carefully choose your SEO agent by clearly understanding their references and strategies. If, for example, you are a dentist, then it would make sense to use a dental SEO expert!

4. Content marketing is left out

Marketing content is an essential factor of SEO. Therefore, it must be included in every SEO package. Nowadays, content marketing plays an important role when content is given the most priority for a lasting impression on a website, and other shortcuts seem adequate only for a short time.

To avoid this mistake, one must make sure to review the package they are buying and make certain marketing content is included within it.

These common mistakes are often made by business owners leading them to a lot of loss. It is by understanding and studying these mistakes that can one avoid them. Mistakes can be made, but success is only on your path if you understand and correct them.